Friday, March 14, 2008

Jit Sin High School 2007 SPM Results

Found out about SPM Results of my alma mater - Jit Sin High School.

2007 SPM again is a good year for Jit Sin. To be frank, I am proud to be a Jit Sin alumni.

Out of 618 students, who sat for SPM, the results are as follow:-
13As - 3
12As - 21
11As - 80
10As - 73
9As - 56
8As - 59
7As - 44
6As - 35
5As - 33

So, there are 177 students with 10As and above!

Congrats to all the students and teachers!

I think the teachers there definitely deserve a pat at their back!

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penny_aries said...

Congrats to Jit Sin!
I am so proud of you.

Wun Min said...

The number of people getting 10As and above from my school can be counted with fingers. >.<