Sunday, March 09, 2008

12th General Election

It's just half a day after the results are out.

BN lost its 2/3 majority, and lost an additional of 4 states (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor), besides continue to lose Kelantan. That is definitely the biggest lost for Barisan National in the history of Malaysia.

In this tough time, I would like to reiterate my loyalty to Barisan National and MCA. I agree with many BN and MCA leaders that we need to really get down to work and really analyze how we can salvage from this. Perhaps, a thorough reform needs to be done on how BN is operated, and how all the component parties work together with each other.

On the comments on Malaysians to work with one another, transcend the racial divide, I would like to say that as of now, we still have a long way to go. This General Election is not a statement of showing that we, Malaysians transcend races. Not so, unfortunately, although I definitely hope to see a day, that we Malaysians will no longer see each other by their racial line.

In this General Election, lets analyze based on inter-race contest within Parliament Seats in Peninsular Malaysia. (I know that I am utilizing the name difference to make my following analysis, to illustrate the point. Sorry for any error.).

Lets take Perlis, none of the Parliament seat sees any inter-race contest.

For Kedah, we see at:-
P17 Padang Serai (N Gobalakrishnan from PKR defeated Boey Chin Gan from BN).

For Penang, we see at:-
P46 Batu Kawan (Prof P. Ramasamy from DAP defeated Koh Tsu Koon from BN).
P47 Nibong Tebal (Tan Tee Beng from PKR defeated Zainal Abidin Osman from BN).
P51 Bukit Gelugor (Karpal Singh from DAP defeated Koay Kar Huah from BN).
P52 Bayan Baru (Zahrain Mohamed Hashim from PKR defeated Ooi Siew Kim from BN).

From Perak, we see:-
P54 Gerik (Tan Lian Hoe from BN defeated Mohd Noor Abdul Rahman from PAS).
P60 Taiping (Nga Kor Ming from DAP defeated M. Kayveas from BN).
P65 Ipoh Barat (M. Kulasegaran from DAP defeated Yik Phooi Hong from BN).
P72 Tapah (M. Saravanan from BN defeated Tan Seng Toh from PKR).
P74 Lumut (Kong Cho Ha from BN defeated Suwardi Sapuan from PKR).
P76 Teluk Intan (M. Manogaran from DAP defeated Mah Siew Keong from BN).
P77 Tanjong Malim (Ong Ka Chuan from BN defeated Mohamad Azman Marjohan from PKR).

From Pahang, we see:-
P80 Raub (Ng Yen Yen from BN defeated Abu Bakar Lebai Sudin from DAP).
P83 Kuantan (Fuziah Salleh from PKR defeated Fu Ah Kiow from BN).
P89 Bentong (Liow Tiong Lai from BN defeated Ponusamy Govindasamy from PKR).

From Selangor, we see:-
P94 Hulu Selangor (Zainal Abidin Ahmad from PKR defeated G. Palanivel from BN).
P100 Pandan (Ong Tee Keat from BN defeated Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud from PKR).
P103 Puchong (Gobind Singh Deo from DAP defeated Lau Yeng Peng from BN).
P110 Klang (Charles Santiago from DAP defeated Ch'ng Toh Eng from BN).

From Federal Territory, we see:-
P124 Bandar Tun Razak (Khalid Ibrahim from PKR defeated Tan Chai Ho from BN).

From Negeri Sembilan, we see:-
P128 Seremban (John Fernandez from DAP defeated Yu Chok Tow from BN).
P132 Telok Kemang (Kamarul Bahrin Abbas from PKR defeatd G. Sothinathan from BN).

From Johor, we see:-
P140 Segamat (S. Subramaniam from BN defeated Pang Hok Liong from DAP).
P144 Ledang (Hamim Samuri from BN defeated Lau Tek Hai from PKR).
P148 Ayer Hitam (Wee Ka Siong from BN defeated Hussin Sujak from PAS).
P151 Simpang Renggam (Liang Teck Meng from BN defeated Atan Gombang from PAS).
P158 Tebrau (Ling Ban San @ Teng Boon Soon from BN defeated Roslani Sharif from PAS).
P162 Gelang Patah (Tan Ah Eng from BN defeated Zaliha Mustafa from PKR).
P165 Tanjong Piai (Wee Jeck Seng from BN defeated Ahmad Ton from DAP).

So, as of now, out of 165 Parliament Seats in Peninsular Malaysia, only 29 are contested inter-races, and of which BN won 14 and DAP-PKR-PAS won 15.

So, in terms of race being an outcome of this General Election, I would say no.

However, I do hope that one day, we Malaysians would be able to see Malaysians irrespective of race would be able to contest in any seat in Malaysia, and Malaysians would vote not along racial line, but based on their performance and track record.

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Anonymous said...

I fail to understand your case study. In the case where a candidate of one race competes with a candidate of another race it appears the outcomes are almost split equally between BN and BA.

Here's what you need to prove for a charge of "race preference":

1) Take the information for percentage of MCI in each constituency.

2) From there find out if there is significance for candidates of a certain race due to voters of a certain race. Example constituencies with more than X% Indians will vote for Chinese candidates.

3) Map this test group across the rest of the electorate and look for significance.

Currently the only hypothesis you have proven is as follows...

Candidate of two different race runs

Half the time BN will win.

Ern Sheong said...

ever entertained the thought of one day joining politics? haha

josh said...

"In this tough time, I would like to reiterate my loyalty to Barisan National and MCA."

i apologise for thinking you were impartial. that was an error of judgement. good day.

current cornell junior,

William said...

> In this tough time, I would like to reiterate my loyalty to Barisan National and MCA

Having party loyalties is dumb. Shouldn't we instead be having a proper, objective assessment of all political parties and decide which is best?

Political parties change, dude. It's like that Chee Cheong Fun store in my town - it's no longer as good as it once was.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for Chen Chow to give up on MCA as the party has helped him to secure good education opportunities overseas.

Anyway I wish to say with your qualification, you really deserve the opportunity. Open your eye and see the wrath of people. MCA might once had its glory time but it is all over.

Loyalty to party does not make any sense. Loyalty to Rakyat is what it is.

Chen Chow said...

On my post, what I try to justify, is not about half of the inter-race posts being won by each party, but what I try to bring forth (perhaps I didn't emphasize it well enough) is that there are only 29 seats that Malaysians of different race competes. This means that more than 80% of Parliament seats in Peninsular Malaysia is competed by candidates of the same race.

I am looking at one day, where a Malay can easily compete in a Chinese majority area and would win, similarly a Chinese could compete in a Malay majority area and would win. The winning would essentially depends on the quality of candidate and not race. And my example above are just 2 of the examples. I don't mean to exclude other permutations.

Ern Sheong, I guess I might not have the ability to really join politics, but I would say that I would be politically aware.

I would say that in terms of MCA, I hope that I would be able to join together with all the members (I'm just an ordinary member who just joined 2 months ago), to make MCA be more relevant again to Malaysian Chinese in particular and to Malaysians in general.

MCA Party President, Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, has always been fighting for policy across the board, and not just for Chinese community.

For instance, 2 of the policies on JPA Scholarships that Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting fought for are for all races, in the spirit of meritocracy and not just for Chinese community.

In the year of 2001 (SPM 2000 batch), Dato' Seri fought for all straight A1 students to get JPA Scholarships automatically. This policy went on for 3 years, and it is for all Malaysians across board.

The other example is what Dato' Seri has fought for SPM 2006 batch and beyond. In SPM 2006 batch, Dato' Seri managed to get Cabinet approval and in fact entered into Budget 2007 to grant automatic JPA Scholarships to study abroad for all who get 10A1 and above, with family income below RM1,500.

This policy is also for all Malaysians across race.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that getting scholarships for those who really deserved for them are a little bit redundant? MARA sends a bunch of students whose results are way worse than those appeared in the news and the only distinction between them is the skin color. I really resent that. Did you ever think those were also political gimmicks to earn votes from the people? I am no way affiliated to any of the political parties; but, I can see really well that people are slowly aware of their rights this time round. I am sorry if my words are too harsh but I really think the points you gave in the post above will be solved if the system is meritocracy.

Anonymous said...

Ong Ka Ting and his brother survived in Umno assigned safe seat. If not , they could have been thrown out.



Anonymous said...

You wrote : "So, as of now, out of 165 Parliament Seats in Peninsular Malaysia, only 29 are contested inter-races, and of which BN won 14 and DAP-PKR-PAS won 15."

But don't insult us with your silly analysis. It was majority of the malay who voted again BN that resulted in the victory of Malaysia.

Please don't mention "races or inter-races" , we are rakyat who demand a change .

Anonymous said...

Sure, and MCA rigs scholarships for their own kin + cronies too.

And is that the only MCA achievement you could raise?

Did they ever speak out against the keris kissing? The racism? The discrimination? The Chinese poor?

Saying that MCA has had a better performance than DAP is stupid. DAP hasn't even had a shot at federal governance, man. Such comparisons have as much meaning as stating that Kid A from School A is smarter , and will always be smarter, than Kid B who has been denied schooling.

The Chinese do not want MCA to represent them anymore. They had more than half a decade's worth of opportunity - not only did they squander it, but they sold out the Chinese. Started even way back with Tan Cheng Loke and his son.

You shold read Lee Kuan Yew's The Singapore Story + From Third World to First for your own sake.

Anonymous said...

BN is still cheating :

The smallest parliamentary seat for the Federal Territory, Putrajaya has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency. This is grossly unfair. The usual justification given for the difference in the number of voters in different constituencies in Malaysia is ‘rural weightage’

Anonymous said...

I shall remember 8 March 2008 Saturday , a glory morning.

There may be uncertainties in future.

I am not 26 years old like you . I am old enough to face the upcoming turbulent with other rakyat

Most of us would never regret we put MCA to dustbin

It's a brave new world , we will start all over again

Anonymous said...

I don't see the reason why every time Ong Ka Ting need to haul Pak Lah and Najib together and show in front of the press on the allocation on Chinese School.

It is a duty of BN to fulfil its duty and promise on the allocation on Chinese School .

It seems that Ong Ka Ting begging Pak Lah for the funding but in fact the school was build by local tycoons

Anonymous said...

I don't see the reason why every time Ong Ka Ting need to haul Pak Lah and Najib together and show in front of the press on the allocation on Chinese School.

It is a duty of BN to fulfil its duty and promise on the allocation on Chinese School .

It seems that Ong Ka Ting begging Pak Lah for the funding but in fact the school was build by local tycoons

Anonymous said...

Look, last election MCA won an overwhelming 31 seats - which is the greatest number they've won in history.

Most of these MCA people were deemed to be Yes-man towards the UMNO-dominated Barisan. The number of seats they held has been halved precisely because they failed to deliver and defend the interests of the rakyat.

It's quite simple, really.

Anonymous said...

Chen Chow, it's so disheartening to hear someone as intelligent and far-sighted as you to show your support for MCA, merely because you think MCA people fought for THAT FEW Chinese for JPA scholarships. Mind you, those Chinese who obtain JPA are the lucky few. Those Chinese who did well in public exams DESERVE a scholarship without MCA coming into the picture at all. As a whole, there is still racial disparity in Malaysia where Chinese and Indians continue to be sidelined, and the MCA do nothing about this as far as I can recall, whether you agree or not. But to support MCA just because you were a JPA scholar is clearly blindfolding and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I fully support the above comment

How many bright Chinese and Indian studenst obtaining JPA scholarship ?

My childens are under their fathers' scholarship , that is I work very hard to support them ...

Loyalty is not paying redeem ..

Anonymous said...

Dear Chen Chow,

Do you support MCA Selangor to ask ONg Ka Ting to step down ?

Make you stand and tell us.

We have no regret to vote for non-BN and we are old enought to face the hardship and difficulties

The RAYKAT have spoken !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Malaysians, for having the confidence to opt for change.

Thank you Malaysians, for grabbing back power and handing it back to the people.

Thank you Malaysians, for giving back Malaysia its future.

Thank you Malaysians, for believing that your one vote can make a difference.

Thank you Malaysians, for ensuring that my grandchildren will have something to look forward to

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why people did not choose MCA. Because they run away from problems instead of facing it. They think the silent is the best solution for any problems which is not true at all. People need somebody to represent or help when they are in troubles. Chen Chow, if you want to be a good politician, you have to make your stand and reply to all those comments above.

Chen Chow said...

I thank all readers for your comments. To see my response, go to my latest post today.