Saturday, March 08, 2008

12th General Election

The 12th General Election is now over. Voting is over, and at each center, votes are now being counted in all constituents in Malaysia.

Lets hope that we would be able to hear what fellow Malaysians have decided through the ballot box by later tonight!

As of now, I haven't heard any final total voting rate yet.

As of noon, it was 32%.
As of 3pm, it was 58%.

What would be the % in the total?

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your Jit Sin friend said...

Open your eyes, open your heart.
I like what the other bloggers have commented in your MCA posts.

I hope everyone in MCA learns a good lesson out of this. Never be a also-run, or sorry to use this word, rundog.

Be a true leader, my dear friend. That's an advise from someone you know and shared a good teen hood with.

All the best in your political career. Be someone everyone can respect and love.

your ATU friend said...

Yes, open your eyes and heart to what is going on in Malaysia, do not waste your talent and ability in dragging your country down a miserable path. You can do great things if you chose to. Please don't be a just another mindless government drone.

your JPA friend said...

I read with great interest at how your friends put it "your xxxxx friends"

As a fellow friend, and an other-race one especially. Let's say this election brought every Malaysian up to their toes, and voted against race divide, against color divide.

It is a good one. Down the history, our kids will remember our generation, for our guts in changing the status quo. For truly giving a damn to the daily lives of rakyat.

Chen Chow, i saw how much potential and hope you can carry for Malaysians, and Chinese alike. Let's all wake up from this, you are not totally at fault.

But we could have use a better talent in you, if you would have done the correct thing instead.

p/s: These are not to break you nor add fire to your low esteem now. It is a calling for everyone, change for a better future!

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for the comments.

I have to say that I am still in a shocking state, after seeing the results yesterday.

I did anticipate a tough fight for Barisan National, and for my party, MCA, but didn't expect it to go down to this stage.

I agree with my ATU friend that for Malaysia to move in the long run, we need to move away from racial divide. However, I won't say that this election shows clearly on this aspect as well. I would reply on this in my next post.

After this General Election, I hope that all Malaysians, irrespective of political alliance, irrespective of race, should come together, to think through on how we can move Malaysia ahead. That is the most crucial one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all races have united to vote against the corrupt, and incompetent Barisan.

There has never been greater racial unity in this country for a while now.