Monday, April 14, 2008

Unison in Freeze - KL

After going to Royal Selangor Golf Club for MIT Admissions Talk and lunch with Dr. Christopher Shum, Mr. Ngooi and our Malaysian MIT admit - Ooi Boon Teik, I decided to check out Unison in Freeze - Kuala Lumpur, after knowing about it in Facebook.

So, went over Lot 10, and I was like about 10 minutes late (2:40pm). Lot 10 security was quite ok. Not too big a crowd, perhaps 50-100 people, with 2 security guards looking on there.

Then, got the orange piece of note, asking me to go to Pavilion and freeze for 4 minutes from 3:35pm to 3:39pm. Seeing that I had quite some time, I went over to Low Yat first to look at some computers' quotation.

Then, back at Pavilion by about 3:20pm. Saw Chris and Su Ann there! So, good. A few friends. On my way to Pavilion, I met Hui Hsing as well, but soon, we got lost already. Su Ann thought of an idea of freezing, where she would put the ice cream on Chris's face. So, there she went to get the ice cream and it was fun! Freezing for 4 minutes. I should have better post than just holding the paper down. I should have holding the Star paper up and then stick my tounge out, to make Su Ann laughing... :):):)

It was fun. A simple initiative and 500 or so, fellow Malaysians of all races gathered together at Pavilion and the security guard was like puzzled when people go on freezing. They were just lost of words, and tried to find out what happened. Astro, 8TV, TV3, The Star etc were there too.

To see a video courtesy of Smashpop , you can view this YouTube.

My face is caught there a couple of times too. I'm the guy holding newspaper wearing a green t-shirt. Thanks Smashpop!

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