Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Operators of Buses to LCC-T --> A Nuisance

Have been thinking about blogging on this issue for quite some time.... As many of you know, I lived quite near KL Sentral, so have been using KL Sentral very frequently.

Guess all of you who passed by KL Sentral would always caught a sight of a bunch of people (perhaps I should say 2 bunch of people) who keep on shouting to get attention of those who carry bags. One bunch in Red and one bunch in yellow, and try to yell to get people to take their bus. Really can't understand, why can't they do it a little more civilized manner. After all, it is one of our main terminal in Malaysia.

This practice has gone on for so long, and I don't see any authority taking action on that. It is just tarnishing the image of Malaysia. Seeing how foreign tourist being hackled to take their bus. It is just not logical.

The two bunch of people, I am going to name it out right - Sky Bus and Aero Bus which operate to LCC-T. True that you guys are serving the market to bring passengers to LCC-T, and charge a pretty competitive rate. However, the behavior to the public is just simply unacceptable. It is not the right way to promote Malaysia.

Hope that those who read about this, and have seen/experienced it, please please highlight it out and hopefully this problem can get solved.

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Anonymous said...

Young man, you should try actually taking the bus. I tried once and it took me forever to get to the LCCT. They use the strangest routes to get there. My guess is they are trying to save on the toll (high in this country).

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your message. Definitely hope that we do not want any mishap to happen, before something concrete is done.