Monday, April 28, 2008

Moving to

After almost 32 months in Accenture , under the Customer Relationship Management Service Line within Management Consulting & Integrated Market, I decide to move on to my next career at .

I would look at this new career move, as an opportunity for me to sample different kinds of work nature. It would be a much smaller size company. Won't exactly call it a start-up, since it is no longer one. But is a very fast growing company. It is a way for me to help reducing the unemployment rate in Malaysia and perhaps this region. As you guys know, there are a lot of job seekers out there, as well as a lot of companies looking for the right people. So, the question is how we can match them together.

Currently, it should be the no.1 recruiting firm in Malaysia and top 3 in many countries that it operates on. Currently it is at Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan and Vietnam. Would definitely know much more about this statistic after I join .

Over the years, I have been seeing how grows from a startup, to a MESDAQ listed firm, to finally last December, make it to join the big boys at Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

As an added tips for those who want some tips on career, definitely provides a bunch of tips there. Do go and browse it here sometimes and not forget to submit your resume there too. No one would know when an opportunity would knock on your door.

There are 4 career enhancers for job seekers too! You can find it here .

a) JobStreet SMS Apply - Apply Jobs by SMS
b) JobStreet Career Profile - Discovering your job fit
c) JobStreet Priority Application - Stand out from the crowd
d) JobStreet SMS Alert - Job Information on the move

For companies looking to post for jobs, do post it here .

To all those who are interested to join Accenture, don't feel despair because I am leaving. The firm is a pretty good firm. To be frank, it has produced quite good growth rate every quarter. In fact, the headcount has grown so much. Globally, it has grown from below 100,000 to nearly 180,000, and in Malaysia it has grown from about 400 when I joined to nearly 1,000. So, if you are interested in the firm, do definitely let me know. I would be able to link you to the right people there too!

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