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Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience 2008

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Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience2008 – The Amanzi World of South Africa

Would you like to learn about the environment in Africa? Would you like to get to know the outdoors with South African and other Asian students?

Cathay Pacific is sponsoring over 40 students aged 16-18 from South Africa and Asia Pacific Rim Countries to attend the Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience. The programme will be held in South Africa from 22 to 28 July 2008.

What is the Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience?
Cathay Pacific is committed to the communities we serve. We accept our responsibility towards the environment and are very aware that its future depends on the young people who are going to be the decision-makers of the future.

It is in this spirit that Cathay Pacific has sponsored several hundred specially selected young people to participate in the Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience since 1994.

This year could be your turn!

Should you be selected, Cathay Pacific will take you to Johannesburg, South Africa, where you will join your South African counterparts for an experience of a lifetime.

There you will have the unique opportunity to make friends with delegates from other countries with cultures very different from your own. You will be exposed to the natural, unspoiled environment and will begin to understand the impact that man has made on the delicate ecological balance of the earth. Through this experience it is hoped that you will take home the messages learnt and apply them in your own life and home country.

The Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience widens the horizons and expands the world view of the young people who have taken part. If you would like to join us on this voyage of discovery, if you are keen to raise your self-awareness and self-confidence, if you would like to act as an "Ambassador" for your country/region, then we invite you to apply right away.

Exploring the Amanzi World of South Africa...
The programme will involve lots of water activities this year. It will take place on the Indian Ocean and within the boundaries of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which still features the rich cultures of both the Tsonga and Zulu-speaking people. Amanzi means water in Zulu.
Delegates will be snorkeling in the Indian Ocean to discover and explore the Reef Eco-system and the importance of its conservation.

You will spend time in the Fishkraals Channels with the Tonga people to learn how to fish and prepare it the Tsonga way. Visiting a Zulu homestead will enable you to discover how Zulu people live, get to know their traditions and the meaning in the clothes they wear.

Take part in Tsonga boat building and race...
Delegates will discover the wonderful systems of the 4 lakes and why this area has been named as a Natural World Heritage Site. Till today, The Tsonga and Zulu-speaking people still maintain the traditional ways in their daily lives, including building their own means of transport to get across the river.

The Tsonga people will demonstrate and teach delegates how to build a Tsonga boat. You will work with your team to make one and have a race down the river in your newly built boat.

Prepare a meal, song and dance...
During the trip, delegates must come prepared to make a meal. You will also be divided into groups to stage a performance that is unique to your own country and culture.

Mapping the world...
Delegates will be given a chance to show the others where they live, the capital city, provinces (if any), hometowns of team members, major nature reserves (if any), major industrial, business, residential and holiday/tourism areas.

Existing environmental problems and opportunities in your own country or region will be discussed in an open debate with other delegates from around the world.

Should your application be successful, minimal preparation is required for the trip but you will benefit a whole load out of it.

Application for the Cathay Pacific International Wilderness Experience 2008 - The Amanzi World of South Africa opens now! Young people between 16 and 18 years old from the following countries/regions are invited to join. For more information, please click on the following link:

Application Deadline:
30 May 2008

Screening Procedures:

Applications received by the due date will be screened based on the information contained within the application documentation.
30 best set of answers/application forms will be short-listed. Short-listed applicants will get a chance to attend a one-day local workshop followed by an interview session on 12 June (Kuala Lumpur) 13 June (Penang).
Two outstanding individuals will be selected to represent Malaysia based on their performance, leadership skills, teamwork and interaction during the workshop.
Should applicants fail to attend specific interviews when requested to do so, their applications will be deemed withdrawn.
All successful applicants will be informed of the result with written notification.

Cathay Pacific will:
Fully sponsor successful applicants in terms of air tickets, meals, accommodation, course fees and ground transport in South Africa while delegates are required to pay a nominal fee of HK$500 which covers travel insurance and pre-departure preparations.

Delegates' Responsibilities:

Selected delegates must attend all the events and activities arranged by Cathay Pacific or the local organisers prior to the trip, including training sessions, press conferences and media interviews. Failing to do so will prejudice their taking part in the trip.
Selected delegates must attend and take part in all the activities during the trip.
Selected delegates must submit post-trip reports, assist in organising Report Back Seminars, and promote environmental protection at schools.
Selected delegates must disclose any pre-existing medical condition that may or may not require medication during the trip e.g. Asthma, allergies etc.
Selected delegates must get parental consent for the trip. A parental consent form must be completed and returned to Cathay Pacific prior to the trip. Failing to do so will disqualify you from joining the trip.
Selected delegates must ensure that their travel documents are valid for the trip.

For further enquiries, please call us at 03-2035 2632 (Kuala Lumpur), 04-2182 225 (Penang) or e-mail us.

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