Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scholarships to Study Master & PhD in Korea

Thanks to my blog reader for highlighting this.

This is on an opportunity to have scholarships to study in Korea. Go to here or here for more info.

The Government of the Republic of Korea provides international students(including 30 Malaysian students) with scholarship to support their graduate course(master degree and doctor degree) in Korea.

The program is designed to further enhance the friendly relationship with other countries as well as to help them keep pursuing their higher education.

For more details about the program, please refer to the attached files on this article.

All the applicants should submit required documents to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea by the 18th of June, and the submitted documents will not be returned.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for you, it is very nice for me to read your blog.

obey me said...

i wish to taking master course in korea for future so, I'm glad I found this.. thanx..