Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picking your brain on recruitment issue

With me going to move to my new career at JobStreet.com, which I posted here .

I would like to pick the brain of those who visit my blog for ideas. Hope to hear more ideas on the issue below, so as to help me jump start my career with a bunch of fresh ideas into it!

While JobStreet.com operates in a number of countries, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Phillipines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong, I would like to focus on my understanding within Malaysia first.

a) Do you think that there is a mismatch between recruiters and job seekers?
b) If yes, what kind of mismatch exists?
c) If you are a college/university student, what are the challenges that you face in getting jobs? Be it full time or internship. What kind of resources and help that you feel that you need?
d) If you are a fresh graduate who are still looking for jobs, what are the common difficulties that you face? How long have you been in the search? Where does it get stuck? How can this problem get rectified?
e) If you are someone who is currently working, do you keep on looking for better options? Is it because of you wanting better jobs or you are not happy with your current employer? Do you get offers from time to time? What are the reasons you accept or reject them?
f) If you are recruiters, what are the issues you are facing? Why are there many ads in various medium, while jobseekers still look around for jobs? Is it because of skill mismatch? What kind of skills?

Above are some of the questions that I can think of. It is more to trigger your thoughts, and not expecting a a), b), c), d), e) ,f) sort of answer. Just feel free to write freely.

Those are my questions, to help me to jump start into this industry. It is not questions on behalf of my future employer. :)

Thanks in advance!

I am hoping to indirectly help to reduce a little unemployment rate in Malaysia, and any interesting/good idea that you have would be great!

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