Sunday, May 10, 2009

Youtube Video of HELP US Education Seminar

The HELP US Education Seminar was held at HELP University College, Malaysia on April 3rd (Session One) and April 10th (Session Two). Speakers Xianjin Teo, Michael Chow, Tara Thean, Alvin Ung, Philip Loh and Kimberly Ho brought to the audience their application experience, valuable tips and un-Google-able advice - all in a Malaysian context - to potential US college applicants.

The sharing is based on their personal experience, so it might be applicable to your context or it might not. Am sure by investing 2 of your hours viewing it, you will pick up some points. Do evaluate each advice, and decide which one you would apply.

Good Luck!

You can view the 13 videos that they have shot for your viewing as follow at here .

For more resources, go to US Applications Workshop & Resources .

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