Friday, May 08, 2009

JPA/PSD Overseas Scholarships Decision Today

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Public Services Department (PSD) has interviewed 8,363 out of the 15,084 candidates who had applied for scholarships under the foreign degree programme between March 31 and April 3.

According to a statement issued by the PSD yesterday, only 2,000 students would be offered scholarships to study abroad for courses of studies already stipulated by the government.

The results of the offer will be carried in the PSD portal, beginning today.

The statement also mentioned that in view of the limited places abroad, especially in critical subjects, the PSD also offered 2,000 scholarships to outstanding students to pursue studies in local universities.

Unsuccessful candidates can submit their appeal online from May 8 to 18. -- Bernama


joannez said...

hi chen chow
i'm alex teoh's sister
i wanna ask if i am successful for IPTA
can i appeal to the overseas category? thru MCA?

Anonymous said...

hi mr chen chow.. i was succesfully being offered JPA 2009 scholarship. BUT instead of going overseas, mine was given local IPTS though i applied for overseas one. So, what would be the local IPTS that i may be allocating to? And how bout the bond? how many years?

Chen Chow said...

joannez, Congrats for getting JPA Scholarships! On whether you can appeal, yes, do go ahead, although your case may not be as strong as those who didn't get any. No harm tryuing.

Hi anonymous, yes, your case is similar to joannez. Do try to appeal. On which IPTS, do wait for the letter. On the bond, similarly wait for the letter.

Do discuss over at too!