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Foreign varsities prefer those who excelled in extra-curricular activities

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PETALING JAYA: Foreign universities are looking beyond a string of As in SPM as they prefer all-rounders who also excelled in extra-curricular activities.

British Council education director Peter Clack said some British universities were put off by the number of As which Malaysian students boasted about.

He welcomed the Government's move to limit the number of subjects students could take in SPM.

It is worrying to see that the academic side is seen as more important than the mental and emotional sides of education.

Hence, parents put a lot of emphasis on the exam results. This should be discouraged in any way possible

Jerry Tan, general manager of education advisory body Studylink Sdn Bhd, agreed with Clack.

Foreign universities are sceptical about the number of As Malaysian students are achieving. The admission depends a lot on interviews, "he said.

He said the universities would offer scholarships to students with 10As if they were all-rounders.

Tan hoped the Government would end the open certificate practice as local colleges were raising the bar in offering scholarships.

Coordinator of the Malaysian-American Commission on Educatio-nal Exchange (Educational Advising Centre) Doreen John said US universities looked for all-rounders rather than just excellent SPM results.

"Were they head prefects before? Did they do something for the community?", she asked.

Generally, US universities require students to sit for entrance examinations after SPM, such as the SAT Reasoning Test, while British and Australian universities require students to complete a foundation course before commencing a degree programme.

Star Education Fund Unit manager Richard Foo said that as an alternative to Public Service Department scholarships, many local universities and colleges offer scholarships, often covering the entire tuition fees.

He said scholarships are also offered by many organisations including Petronas, Shell, Khazanah Nasional, HSBC Bank Malaysia, Astro and Bank Negara.

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