Saturday, May 23, 2009 Wiki - Malaysian Education Encyclopedia

Do you care about Malaysians?
Do you care about education for Malaysians?
Have you been complaining about the education system?

If you answer yes to those questions above, I would like to invite you to come together and lets build a very comprehensive encyclopedia for Malaysian Education. This will be in the form of a wiki, which would be similar to the concept of wikipedia.

Whatever you share is public information and it is for the benefit of everyone.

Do check out ReCom Wiki - Malaysian Education Encyclopedia here .

To get started:-
1. Step 1: If you are not yet a ReCom members, do sign up for a quick account.
2. Step 2: Go to Wiki and start updating!

This is the Facebook group here . Please kindly help to spread the words around.

This is a fully community project. So, lets make a difference for the future of Malaysians!

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