Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project What's After SPM

Project What's After SPM ( is still hunting for young Malaysians (age 18-35) to share on post high school life. You could share on your education, career, activities, charity, travel, hobbies etc. Essentially, anything.
What we hope this project would do, would be to have a bunch of articles (Hopefully, we can get 100 of those) to share with fellow Malaysians, on what they could do post SPM. We are seeking for diverse Malaysians to share on your experience, hopefully that this would be able to guide fellow Malaysians who are at the crossroads.
The length of the article is 600 to 800 words, and once it is done, do email to .
This is a fully community project, where none of those involved (editors, authors, translators etc) would get a cent.
Thanks for your support!
p/s: As of now, more than 80 articles have been collected. So, we are hoping to get the remaining ones soon.

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