Saturday, May 09, 2009

Thanks to the invite by Michael Teoh from Youth Entrepreneur Malaysia and also Daniel Cerventus from Malaysia Entrepreneurs to at Urban Attics at CapSquare.

Would have to say that I enjoyed the meet-up and it is definitely a great group of people there, who are very passionate about making the change for Malaysia. They are not just people who are talking about it, but going down to make the real change.

A few of my observations there:-
1. They are all motivated to work together to spur change for the country - Malaysia.
2. They are united, despite each of them might be having their own pet initiative. It is interesting to see they support each other's events/initiatives/projects.
3. It is all about idea and big idea, where for instance, they have those little books being placed around and for people to jot down their ideas as they speak. It is an interesting concept.
4. They are very motivated to empower others, and share. Daniel Cerventus called me up (thanks!) to share on What's After SPM .
5. One of the points said was "Youth is not the future, but now". "The future is the kid today."

The networking is great and I would like to urge everyone to support the following few initiatives, and if you have more, do let me know, and I'll highlight it here too! It is the change that we hope we can do for the country.

1. - UnReason is about Malaysians coming together to solve our own problems through entrepreneurship.

Three steps for it:-
a) Create idea and watch support grow for it
b) Crowd source funding for it. Anyone can chip in any amount to support an initiative.
c) Track the impact of the idea.

As of now, has not been officially started, but do join the Facebook group to get the latest update - here .

2. - A site where Malaysians can report any crime happens in the country and share with fellow Malaysians.

This is by Kegan Gan. He started this site after he saw the robbery happened to Yang Jerng.

3. Malaysia Entrepreneurs - Daniel Cerventus has definitely done a fabulous job to motivate more Malaysians to get into entrepreneurship!

4. Youth Entrepreneur Malaysia - This community aims to be the voice of youth entrepreneurs from all around Malaysia and around the world.

Do check those up!

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