Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CSP10 and Reunion Postponed

Dear CSP Alumni,

The CSP office has been closely following the development of the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak since its first occurrence in Mexico in late April 2009.  Currently the virus has spread to over 40 countries worldwide and with the emerging of new cases within Asia in the past week, we are concerned with the potential health risk our delegates will be taking in the upcoming CSP10 and Grand Reunion.

Furthermore, the CSP office has also been paying attention to the measures taken in different countries against the outbreak and the related problems it can bring for the CSP journey.  With confirmed cases in Hong Kong and mainland China proven to have been imported from abroad, the immigration departments are tightening their screening of visitors.  Anyone (especially those from known affected countries or areas) found with fever, signs of respiratory infections or any other flu-like symptoms will be immediately sent to the hospital, and fellow travelers will also be put under a 7-day quarantine.  These measures are necessary in order to contain the spreading of the virus, but at the same time will be a factor affecting the risk and feasibility of the CSP10 trip.

Having considered this matter critically, the organizing committee of the China Synergy Programme has reached a decision to postpone the upcoming CSP programme with the interest of the well being of our delegates.

We regret to have to make such a decision but the health and safety of our delegates is of utmost importance and the organizing committee is not prepared to put this at risk.  Therefore the 10th China Synergy Programme and Reunion will instead take place in 2010.  The exact rescheduled date will be announced in due course, but should remain within a similar period of the year as currently scheduled.  Alumni registered to take part in the Reunion this year will retain their current status and will not be required to reapply to take part in the programme next year. Arrangements will be made for payments received for the reunion to be returned for the time being.   Detailed information will be sent to our delegates via email next week.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact the CSP secretariat at:

The Organizing Committee,
China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth
Tel: (852)21170326
Fax: (852)25360605









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