Thursday, June 26, 2008

University of Malaya Business/Executive Coaching Programme

Quite tempted to go for this course, but would have to sacrifice my Saturday for 4 months.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed).
It is our pleasure to inform you that UMCCed is organising a Business/Executive Coaching Programme which is specially designed to groom individuals to become competent, qualified and professional coaches. With these traits and skills, they will be able to develop themselves and others in the organisation to a higher level of performance.
The trainers for the programme are professional and practical coaches with high qualifications and extensive experience in the coaching industry. Through this programme, we believe that you will definitely achieve a higher level of success in your career as well as your organisation.
It is our pleasure to inform you that we have started the programme since year 2004 and so far about 70 participants have completed the programme and have been awarded with the Certified Coach Certificate.
The programme fee is RM10,500.00 whereby payment can be made by installments. The payment breakdown is as follows:
RM750   - registration fee
RM2000 - 1st installment
RM2000 - 2nd installment
RM2000 - 3rd installment
RM2000 - 4th installment
RM1750 - 5th installment
The programme will be held only on Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. at UMCCed. We have attached the course framework and application form for your perusal. Also attached is our location map for your reference.
Kindly to inform you that the next intake for both programmes tentatively will be in July 2008. We have a preview session of the programme on 5 July 2008 (Saturday) at 11.00 a.m. in UMCCed. Please make yourself available for the preview. Very much appreciate if you can inform us earlier if you can come for the preview session.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquires or visit our website at
Thank you.

Marsyahana Umordin
Coaching Division
Block A, Level 3
UM City Campus
Jalan Tun Ismail
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26173111
Fax: 03-26173103


1.0   Introduction to Coaching
• The Coaching Fundamental
• Profiles in Coaching
• Significance of Business/Executive Coaching
• Coaching Principles
• Ethical Issues in Coaching
2.0   Methodology
• The Coaching Structure and Process
• The Model of Coaching
3.0   The Practice of Coaching
• The Competencies
• The Skills
• Developing Coaching Practice
4.0   Theoretical Roots of Coaching
• Theories on Adult Development
• Learning Theories
• Behavioral Theories
• Theory of Needs
• Theories X, Y, Z and C
5.0   Coaching Applications (Discussion on Case Studies)
• Coaching for Accountability
• Coaching for Customer Satisfaction
• Coaching for Behaviour Change
• Coaching for Career Development
• Situational Leadership and Coaching
• Coaching and Performance improvement
• Coaching for Productivity
• Coaching for Profitability Improvement
• Coaching for Strategic Planning
• Coaching for Organisational Change
• Coaching for Leadership Development
• Coaching Leaders
• Strategy Coaching
• Coaching and Diversity
• Coaching for Marketing Planning
• Coaching for Sales Improvement
• Coaching for Financial Improvement 
• Coaching for Turning Around Companies  


WY Kam 甘永元 said...

chenchow, do u still need more coaching?

Chen Chow said...

Yes, of course! We constantly need to learn and improve ourselves, to stay relevant to the market. :)

sigsoogca said...

Coaching is not intended to bring about total changes in an individual as personality. Coach helps to define goals and focus on particular challenges. Often leaders are not sure what they want to achieve, although they have the answers for their challenges. Coaches help them to identify the true problems and solve them.

Women Executive Coaching