Sunday, June 01, 2008

Panel on Talk Show at People's Debate

Thanks to MCA Lifelong Learning , I was given a chance to be part of the People's Debate organized by MCA at Bookfest @ Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center this morning.

6 guests were invited to be the special guest and 10 more people like me are sort of the "backbenchers", where we can vote for "Yes" or "No", with giving some comments from time to time.

It was a debate on whether "Generously giving donation is the best solution to help those affected by Sichuan disaster".

The 16 attendees, including corporate figure, former assemblyman (Tan Cheng Liang - who was my Nibong Tebal assemblymen for a few terms), representatives from media (TV2, Sin Chew, Nanyang), MCA Beliawanis, charitable organizations etc. It was a fun experience.

Before the talk, there was a sharing on the Sichuan disaster by someone who went to Sichuan to help out and be on the front line of it. He shared a lot of very vivid examples of touching stories there.

This People's Debate would be a series of debates happening throughout the nation.

This is the 1st one. The 2nd one would be on 19th June, where there would be another debate at Wisma MCA at 7:30pm. It would be on Single-based vs multi-races politics/economy/social/education issues. I don't have exact wording of the debates, as it was flashed at the screen, and I don't have a pen to jot it down then.

If you are interested, you should be there!

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