Sunday, June 29, 2008


While the website is still WIP, no harm i help to publicize this.

Greetings from IFILMINDIE.COM,
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Chen, I am the Founder of WWW.IFILMINDIE.COM , a community website that I have recently left my full time job to build. My goal is to make IFILMINDIE.COM a one-stop community website for all things INDIE Malaysia. Having been an Actor (mostly in theatre) since I was in School and then having a real taste of what Production is like after I graduated - my immediate observation is that there a whole lot of talent here.

I aim to make IFILMINDIE.COM a one-stop Community website for all things INDIE Malaysia.


The Goal:

"IFILMINDIE.COM aims to be the platform to create a consolidated Malaysian INDIE Community strong enough to make a real positive impact to encourage growth and development of Local Talent."


The Mission:

"IFILMINDIE.COM will keep the world updated with the INDIE scene while initiating Programs, Projects, Productions & Events that will unite and ignite the INDIE Community to move as one."


How can you help?

If you are INDIE - regardless of capacity, race, age, financial status or anything - Join IFILMINDIE.COM and be a part of the INDIE Revolution.


Are You INDIE?


Attached is: The 1st IFILMINDIE NEWSLETTER & an UPLOAD GUIDE should you have any videos that you would like to upload.

Best Regards,
Michael Chen
WWW.IFILMINDIE.COM (Work in Progress)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending unsolicited emails along with viruses in your attachments.

There is no way we are supporting you now.