Sunday, June 01, 2008

Introducing Hewo

This morning/afternoon, when I was at KL Convention Center for the People's Debate, I got the opportunity to meet Rachel, who is the Research & Business Development Director for Hewo that she has started.

I was browsing through Hewo just now, and it is really a source of information providing to the people, to help the community knowing more about herbs.

I'm really impressed by her ability, especially when she should be in her 20s, and she has achieved so much, employing a large number of employees. But what is much more impressive is her passion to serve the community, to bring out the best of her staff and lead the young firm.

She is very big on learning and improving ownself too.. Seeing her lugging a whole lot of books from the Bookfest! And she got her bachelor's degree, even before she hit 21! She set that goal and she did that! That was awesome!

Found this article in The Star on Hewo setting up a major internet herb portal to document and provide info on medicinal herbs.

Do check it out! :)

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