Friday, June 20, 2008

Still Blogging at KLIA

Still at KLIA. Flight further delays... Sigh.. How come our National Carrier is having such problem? It is supposed to be good in on time.
Perhaps, in the future, should take more Air Asia flight, especially with Air Asia offers RM200 gift if flight delays by more than 3 hours. My delay is just 1 hour 25 minutes, so I would still not get that free gift yet. :(
Anyway, lets forget about the flight delay.
It has been a couple of weeks, where my blog has low activity. I promise that after this Sunday, the activity of my blog would go back to normal. First, it was my CFA on 8th June, and then the USA Education Fair on 14th June.
A lot of people have been asking me about my new job, and I would have to say that it is marvellous. I really feel very energetic and enthusiastic about it. I get to do the stuff that I am really passionate about. It has been 1.5 months today, since I joined on 5th May 2008. And I have gotten many interesting assignment, including the P&G Business Challenge (If any of you are interested, do check out at . I'll be at Impiana Hotel on Monday, 23rd June 11am. This is targeted at those who would graduate in 2009, but those who graduates this year and 2010 are more than welcome too.
Besides that, I get to be involved in Career & Education Fair tomorrow and Sunday. Imagine, it is counted as my working day being at the fair! That's dream come true. I definitely look forward to go to work every day, and it is interesting where I get to liaise with folks from sales, marketing, product (my own team) etc. It is really a cross-functional job scope, for my role as Product Manager for JobStreet CAMPUS.
If you are currently still studying in university or have graduated recently, do sign up for (JobStreet CAMPUS). hahahaha... my blog sounds like advertisement already. :)
Yeah, forget about one more of my job scope. Blogging... Yes, blogging. Check out my blogging at too! It is definitely a dream come true!
The work-life balance has been much better too, since I joined . Don't get me wrong. I learned a lot during my time in Accenture. And those 32 months there (oops.. 34 months, if count my internship period), really shaped me!
Okie...Finally, it is calling for boarding already...

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