Friday, June 12, 2009

Time Out Kuala Lumpur

It was really a pleasant surprise when Lim Fong and Su Ann (pinkpau) contacted me over the past few days, to tell me that my blog was highlighted in Time Out KL Issue 15 June 2009.

After getting a copy of it (it's worth the RM5.90 per copy), I checked out the section of "The 103 Ways to Beat the Recession".

And I found the 83rd way:-

Securing Scholarship
Sky rocketing costs of education are giving students financial headaches. If you're familiar with these woes, Malaysia's one-stop scholarship site should be helpful. Even better is ReCom , a forum with plenty of scholarship information. And if you're really stuck, turn to walking scholarship encyclopaedia Yeoh Chen Chow who's always glad to help.

It is really a pleasant surprise. Soraya, really touched by what you had written. It will be tough for me to live up to what you write, but I'll try.

To all, do get the copy and check out the tips.

Will highlight a few of those here.
1. iTunesU .
2. .
3. .

Do check out the other 99 ways in Time Out KL magazine.

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taufiq said...

I do definitely agree with Soraya.
Walking dictionary, walking encyclopaedia, walking calculator.
Well not just walking, sometimes driving or sleeping as well lah :P