Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SendBobToBerkeley.com !

This is a very innovative idea by a fellow Malaysian, who wish to further studies at University of California, Berkeley. He has come very close, to secure the prestigious Khazanah Nasional Scholarships. However, he was unable to successfully obtain the scholarships.

Hence, he has started this initiative, to sell virtual real estate online to fund his education at Berkeley!

Would hope that you guys could support his initiative, to make his dream come true! Please kindly help to spread the words around too!

To check out more, visit SendBobToBerkeley.com !
SendBobToBerkeley.com Launched!

Bobby is a 20-year-old dude from Malaysia who just completed his
A-Levels. He has gained admission into the University of California,
Berkeley for Fall 2009. He thought he was going to win a scholarship
from Khazanah Nasional, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund – having
qualified himself to the final 4th round with 4 other applicants from
the thousands who applied. But he was proven wrong. He somehow
blundered his most important last interview and was left stranded.

Being an international student, Bobby would have to pay close to
$50,000 per year to study in UC Berkeley. Thus a 4 years university
education would cost close to $200,000. Bobby's parents are
willing to loan him $50,000 but the rest will have to come from his
self initiative.

Bobby decided to embark on an Internet project to fundraise the
remaining $150,000 in 30 days on a novelty advertising idea – selling
virtual real estate as advertising space. Bobby has designed
rows of properties such as premium skyscrapers, landmarks, office
tower, bungalow houses and cheap tents to suit different prospective
business owners. Owners of these properties are free to 'renovate'
(customize) the properties and to link to any webpage on the Internet.

The price of real estate starts from $100 per property for Cheap
Tents. There are currently 369 premium properties on sale on
SendBobToBerkeley.com. Log on and join the sale of the virtual properties
now before they run out!


Anonymous said...

ask his parents to try to loan him more. the word 'loan' shows that his parents are rich enough to sponsor him

Mandy Wong said...

he's in the same high school with me... he's a total jerk. I can't believe it's him.