Monday, June 01, 2009

The Canticle Singers - Be Our Guest

I had the privilege to attend The Canticle Singer's production of "Be Our Guest" this evening at Auditorium Perdanasiswa, University of Malaya.

It was an awesome performance and would say that those performers really put their hearts and soul into it. You can see very elaborate and genuine body language as they sing their pieces. The enthusiasm that they show in their performance is definitely amazing!

For the success of today's performance, credits should go to:-
HK Chong (Thanks for the tickets, HK!)
Chin San Sooi
Kenneth Ooi
Adrian Hare
Tan Wei Han
Timothy Au
Ivy Chan
Shameela Chandran
Chan Wai Yee
Cheah Jan Mie
Brian Cheong
Keilly Lim
Lim Ai Da
Low Tze Liang
Patricia Ngo
Stanley Morris
Joanne Poh
Christopher Sam
Vanessa Seng
Terry Siau
Phoebe Tan
Colin Wong
Joe Wong
Sarah Yong

Among the pieces performed include:-
Be Our Guest
The Wind Beneath My Wings
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bring Him Home
As the Deer and How Great
Something's Coming/Tonight Suite
Hola, Lola!
Sweeney Todd Medley
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Winner Takes It All
Nella Fantasia
This Is The Moment
Baba Yetu
Streets of London
Rodgers and Hammerstein on Broadway

HK Chong also dedicated the piece of Paraiso to Markus Ng Chung Yau (1985-2009) . It was very touching that HK spoke about Markus's dedication to contribute to community and always look to help others. Markus is owasne of those people who propogated the spirit of Anak Bangsa Malaysia and also was someone who really hoped to serve the nation through civil service.

HK Chong also honored Betty Young, who celebrated her 87th birthday on 1 June 2009. Peter and Betty Young pioneered the vision and mission of Malaysian CARE .

The next performance by The Canticle Singers would be in October. Do hope that you would be able to support the performance. They are currently in need of corporate/individual sponsors, so if you are a music/culture/arts lover and don't mind supporting them, do let me know. I will put you in touch with them. KL Kepong has stepped forward to be the first sponsor. The entire production cost is estimated at RM180,000. All the performers are all volunteers, and hence none of them is getting paid a cent.

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