Saturday, June 13, 2009

Projek Kalsom 15

Calling all of you who can spare your energy, time, money, contacts for Projek Kalsom 15!

"Projek Kalsom is a motivational camp held yearly for Form 4 students who come from less fortunate backgrounds. It is run by Malaysian students enrolled in higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland under the auspices of the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC).

The name “Kalsom” originated from Puan Kelthom Abdullah, a single mother struggling to make ends meet in Kelantan. Her children were forced to drop out of school, and her plight was given some media attention in 1993. Upon reading about her in the papers, a group of young Malaysian students in the UK decided to run a collection to help bear the cost of her children’s education.

For the initial group of students, it was not enough to merely collect money. They decided to take it a step further, spurred on by the conviction that they had a greater role to play. They decided that given their youth, and being students themselves, they were in an excellent position to help encourage and assist students from lesser-developed parts of Malaysia to excel in their studies. And so, during their summer holidays in the following year, they ran a motivational camp for the students of Jerantut, Pahang. It proved successful, and they decided to run it again the following year in Gerik, Perak.

Projek Kalsom has since been held annually, growing from strength to strength, and we are now running the project with the full support of the Malaysian Ministry of Education."

For more info on Projek Kalsom, go to here .

For this year, Projek Kalsom 15 will be held at Sekolah Menengah Tengku Mahmud, Alor Lintang, Besut from 21st August to 25th August 2009. You can read more of it here .

12th June update:

Salam and hi to all,

May this letter reaches you in the best of health.

as some of you might be aware, projek kalsom 15 is less than 10 weeks away. thus, we will be needing as much help as possible from the kalsom family to make this project as success.

i have detailed below the list of tasks that we will be needing help with (apart from volunteering in the project itself in august)

if you feel that you want to contribute your energy and time to this cause, please feel free to join us and email me at

( azri.malek AT projek-kalsom DOT com) or
( alia.sidek AT projek-kalsom DOT com)


* anyone who has contacts with corporate groups or individuals that are willing to sponsor this kind of project

* we will be printing t shirts, banners, booklets for the project, so anyone who knows the cheapest and most cost effective company

* we will be buying bi-lingual dictionaries and stationaries for the project, so anyone with any ideas of the cheapest and most cost effective company

* logistics, we are looking for reliable bus provider ( cost effective and safe)


* anyone who wants to share studying techniques ( e.g tony buzan mind mapping, mnemonic etc... or for certain subjects so that we can incorporate it to the module booklets)

* anyone that knows the various loans, scholarships, that are available and methods to secure them

* those who have an in depth knowledge on the different career paths available for the students and ways to pursue it

* personal stories on your life as a uni student in UK, Malaysia,Japan, Germany etc so that it can inspire the students to work harder... and get a rough idea of what can be achieved..

thats it for now, i will update you with more as time pass by.. if you have anything that you want to share with us, please do. we appreciate every single feedback.

hope to hear from you soon.

warm regards,
Azri Malek
Hope to see more of you supporting such nobel initiatives to help the younger generation! I will be spending my few days in Projek Kalsom 15 this year, and hope to see more of you joining too!

For the promotional youtube, do check it out!

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