Sunday, June 28, 2009

PSD Scholarships

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak announced that there will be a new category of Public Service Department (PSD or JPA Scholarship) that will be merit-based, starting next year.

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oneMalaysia said...

New category of Merit scholarship starting next year ( 2010 ) regardless of race as announced by PM.

For high achievers who scored 12A1 in 2008 SPM and were not given the overseas scholarships, what is JPA going to do now ?? How is JPA rectifying the gross injustice against the current high achievers ?? Can these high achievers who may be given the local scholarships in IPTS apply again for the overseas scholarships when they have completed the Foundation course in 2010 ??

Can the PM look into the above matters. Thanks

Chen Chow said...

For those in SPM 2008, 2,100 of those have been offered JPA Scholarships to study abroad. And most of those who did well in SPM, including most of the 12A1s and above, have been offered the scholarships.

For those who do not make it, there is also JPA Scholarships for those who have already gotten offer into Ivy League Universities or the top Universities in UK/Australia.

So, for those students, they need to work hard, and prove that they can get into top universities, and then reapply for the scholarships.

Anyway, 8 of the top US universities (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Williams, Middlebury, Amherst) are need blind. So, if you can get in and family income is not too much (for most of the universities, the cutoff is USD60,000 a year for family income), it will be full financial aid (scholarships with no bond). So, the students can always apply for these universities.