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The 3rd Malaysian Student Leaders Summit

The 3rd Malaysian Student Leaders Summit will be held on 8th and 9th August 2009.

The details of the events and list of speakers (according to the Official MSLS Facebook Group) are:-

Third Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS 2009)
Embrace the Power of Reason
This summit will be a platform for intellectual and scholastic discourse between the prominent figures and also the Malaysian student leaders from around the world. One of the key missions of this summit is to expose the participants to Malaysians who are world class leaders, speakers and thinkers in diverse fields, encouraging an understanding of Malaysia's unique challenges.

PROPOSED Sessions and Speakers:

*Officiating Address


“Sustainable Growth or Distributive Justice- Role of Monetary Policy in Building the New Economic Model for Malaysia”

Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor of BNM


ARTS AND LITERATURE: The best way forward in building national identity?

Patrick Teoh, theatre activist; Yasmin Ahmad, film director; Kam Raslan, writer, Dato Seri Annuar Zaini, Chairman BERNAMA


The Recession Is Here: Staying on top During the Downturn

Dato’ Seri Che Khalib, CEO TNB; Dato’ Justin Leong, Head of Investment, Genting Group; Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Chairman of AmBank Group


The Survival of Bahasa Melayu as our National Language in the Context of Education Policy Development

Dato Johan Jaafar, columnist and author, Dato’ Wee Ka Siong, Deputy Education Minister, Emeritus Professor Nik Safiah Karim, linguist


Youth- A greater role in the electorate, a bigger responsibility towards Malaysia
Dato’ Sheikh Muszaphar, ANGKASAWAN and youth icon, Hannah Yeoh, ADUN Subang, Dato’ Razali Ibrahim, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Tai Zee Kin Deputy Chairman of UKEC


Malaysia Beyond 2020: Direction, Issues and Challenges

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia


Transforming Malaysian Politics: Enlarging the Middle Ground in the Age of Partisanship
YB Dr Lo’Lo’ Ghazali (PR), MP, YB Datuk Nur Jazlan Rahmat, MP (BN), YB Tian Chua (PR), MP,YB SK Devamany (BN), MP


From Technology User to Leader: Strategies to Avoid Playing Catch-Up Game with the Asian Giants

Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of MDeC; Prof Dato Ir. Dr Zaini Ujang, Vice Chancellor, UTM; Dr Daud Mohammad, Director-General of Malaysian Nuclear Agency


Malaysian Federal Constitution: Interpreting and Understanding Article 153 in the formation of Bangsa Malaysia

Prof Aziz Bari, Constitutional Law Expert, SenatorTan Sri Dato Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in the PM Department (Unity and Performance Management), Dato’ Ambiga Sreevanesan, former BAR Council President, Ibrahim Ali, MP


Civil Society’s Progress in Malaysia- Giving Voice to the Voiceless or Voice for the Middle-Class conscience?

Ong Kian Ming, education activist, Malik Imtiaaz Sawar, human rights activist, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Jemilah Mahmood, President of MERCY Malaysia


‘1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now’- Towards a Strong and Responsible Government for Today and Tomorrow’

Y.A.B Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! To register, please visit and complete the form. You will receive a notification upon receipt of your registration form. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER MORE THAN ONCE as this would cause delay in confirming your place closer to the event.

For more information, please visit or contact one of the organizing committee members below:
Project Director, Chairman of UKEC: Amir Fareed Rahim amirfareedrahim AT ukeconline DOT com
Deputy Chairman: Tai Zee Kin, zeekin AT ukeconline DOT com
General Secretary: Lim Boon Seong, boonseong AT ukeconline DOT com

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I remembered last year you made an ass of yourself when you posed Pak Lah a question.

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