Monday, October 13, 2008

U.S. Universities Admission Process for Graduate School for International Students

Thanks to Raghu, who is the blog owner of for writing to me and sharing with me on his blog.
This is definitely a fantastic resource and for all of you, who are applying to U.S. for Graduate School, specifically for International Students, this would be a great place for you to get some resources.
Here's some of the interesting article

1) Sample Statement of Purpose (Sample College Admission Essays)

2) GRE Exam Guide - Lots of personal experience tips, that will help students preparing for GRE. Some of important articles includes

  - Steps to improve GRE Score 

3) Free e-book - Students Guide to U.S. Universities 

4) 12 Step University Selection process, that will explain what to factors are to be considered while selecting universities to apply in U.S. when students don't have much exposure to U.S. Education system and Universities.

Also, you can find details about networking to find jobs, H1B Visa rules and what to expect during H1B visa application process.  Majority of the details are written based on Raghu's personal experience and which is what students typically face in U.S.
Do spread the words around!
Raghu, Great job you have done!!!

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