Monday, October 13, 2008

Other Rankings for Malaysian Universities

Thanks to my loyal blog reader for submitting these several links. Would combine them into this one article. :)

This is regarding to the ranking of the universities. I blogged about it recently here .

At that point, I haven't had the info on the ranking of Malaysian universities.

Thanks for the info shared with me. The ranking is:-
UM from 246 to 230
UKM from 309 to 250
USM from 307 to 313
UPM from 364 to 320
UTM from 415 to 356

Generally, would like to congratulate all the universities for the improvement. Hopefully that USM, with its appointment as Apex University, it would be able to surge forward too.

What has changed for Malaysia?

Last year, we have 1 university in Top 250 Universities. Now, we have 2.
Last year, we have 3 universities in Top 350 Universities. Now, we have 3.
Last year, we have 4 universities in Top 400 Universities. Now, we have 4.

Other than that, nothing much changes yet. Would hope if anyone has the analysis on which aspect our national universities improve or deprove? Is it peer review? employer review? faculty student ratio? citations? international staff? international students?

Would hope to see that they are improving based on peer review, employer review and citations. To me, those 3 are more crucial. :)

Some other rankings that are available out there.

1. Shanghai JiaoTong University's Academic Ranking of World Universities
--> None of our universities are in Top 500 in the world, nor in Top 100 in Asia Pacific. This shows how different this ranking is from the THES.

2. Academic Ranking of the Universities in OIC Countries
--> Universiti Malaya is ranked 16th in Share of Articles Published.
--> Malaysia is ranked 6th in Share of Articles Published per Publishing University (Kuwait, Turkey, Oman, Iran, Egypt are top 5)
--> Malaysia is ranked 4th in Total Share of Articles Published (Top 3 are Turkey, Iran, Egypt).
--> Ranking by a Composite Index (Research Quality 35%, Research Performance 35%, Research Volume 18%, Rate of Growth for Research Quality 12%)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (12th), Universiti Malaya (14th), Universiti Sains Malaysia (41st).

3. Webometrics Ranking
--> This ranking is based on 20% on Web Size, 15% on Rich Files, 15% on Google Scholar and 50% on Visibility of Links.
--> Malaysia's best is Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) at 929th ranking (97th rank in Asia), USM at 977th , UKM at 1219th, UPM at 1281st, and UM at 1328th.

While ranking is just one of the many things we can look at things, we have a lot to improve on this aspect.

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