Friday, October 31, 2008

Calling for Parents' Responses to Teaching of Maths & Sciences in English

Calling everyone with opinion on the Teaching of Mathematics and Sciences in English, to voice it out to . That is the email for the group called The Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).

You can read an article on it at here

Hope that all of you who care about the future of Malaysia, especially in terms of education, please send your responses to them!

Kudos to PAGE for this initiative!

The Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) said it is set on trying to get the Education Ministry to maintain its policy of teaching Mathematics and Science in English.

It, however, does not advocate the abolition of vernacular schools as it respects their positions as provided for in the Federal Constitution.

PAGE chairman and founding member Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim also clarified that the group was not a governmental organisation as had been reported by certain media.

“We are merely a group of parents who want to voice our concerns about education,” she said today in response to an article in a Chinese daily that allegedly reported a representative of the group had called for all vernacular schools to be abolished and replaced with national-type schools.

This remark was supposed to have been made during the fourth round table to discuss the use of English to teach Mathematics and Science.

“The person who made the remark was a participant who was airing his own views and is not related to the group.”

Noor Azimah said the group’s main concern now was the decision that the Education Ministry would be making soon with regard to the policy of teaching Mathematics and Science in English.

“We have almost 1,000 parents supporting us from all over the country, 95 per cent of whom are for continuing the policy.”

This number is in addition to the 120 parent-teacher associations (PTAs) that had responded for, and 20 against the policy being continued.

She said it was a misconception that only urban parents were for the continuation of the policy.

A strong advocator of the policy is Mohamed Saufi Shafie, president of the 13-strong Coalition of Rawang Zone Parent-Teacher Associations, who said the PTAs under the coalition were all for the policy continuing.

Support came recently via an email from parents of a school in Long Lama, Sarawak.

The group is calling for more parents to voice their take — whether for or against the policy — by early next month to be compiled into a comprehensive report.

To contact the group, email

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