Friday, October 24, 2008

SAT Results

I know that most of you just received your SAT results a few hours ago and I have to say that I have been bombarded by tons of messages, emails, SMSes etc.

To all of you who have done satisfactorily or excellently, Congratulations! To all who are not too happy with your SAT results, don't get too sad.

A few things I would like to clarify and I hope you guys can spread this to your friends.

1. There is no such thing as cut-off of SAT score for each university. Some of you ask about 2,000 or 2,100 cut-off. There is no such thing. Higher SAT does help to get higher chances of admission, but it doesn't mean that you would get cut off if you get low SAT score.

Below is SAT score for MIT and its admission rate.

Distribution of SAT Reasoning Test Scores (Critical Reading)
750-800 - 576 Out of 2149 got in - 27%
700-740 - 404 Out of 2234 got in - 18%
650-690 - 258 Out of 2147 got in - 12%
600-640 - 157 Out of 1688 got in - 9%
550-590 - 63 Out of 950 got in - 7%
< 550 - 41 Out of 1097 got in - 4%

SAT Math Scores
750-800 - 1026 Out of 5474 got in - 19%
700-740 - 295 Out of 2150 got in - 14%
650-690 - 142 Out of 1462 got in - 10%
600-640 - 27 Out of 615 got in - 4%
550-590 - 7 Out of 347 got in - 2%
< 550 - 0 Out of 217 got in - 0%

For Cornell, it is:-
SAT Critical Reading Score
700-800 - 3550/9568 = 37.1% (Eg: 37.1% of those who got SAT 700-800 got in Cornell)
650-699 - 1483/7060 = 21.0%
600-649 - 956/6396 = 15.0%
550-599 - 257/3379 = 7.6%
500-549 - 154/1867 = 8.3%
400-499 - 42/1141 = 3.7%
200-399 - 0/134 = 0%

SAT Maths Score
700-800 - 4709/16229 = 29.0%
650-699 - 1033/6422 = 16.1%
600-649 - 481/3416 = 14.1%
550-599 - 228/2017 = 11.3%
500-549 - 73/931 = 7.8%
400-499 - 18/488 = 3.7%
200-399 - 0/61 = 0%

So, as long as you can get at least 500+ for each of the subject, you stand some chance. The higher the SAT score, you have higher chances of getting in, but doesn't mean you can't get in with lower score.

2. If your critical reading or writing is not too strong, then focus on making sure that your application essay is solid and also your SAT 2 Subject Test is strong. Then, they can sort of putting as English problem.

3. If your math is not too strong, then focus on making sure your Math 2C is good. Try to prove that your Math is good.

4. If you are taking SAT Subject Test in December, and you have no chance to resit for SAT Reasoning Test, then do resit them in January if you want. Do make sure you improve by about 50-100 marks though. Even though most say they don't want January test, if you mail to them, they would look at it.

5. If you are taking SAT Subject Test in November, you might want to think of resitting either of the test in December (if you are not too happy with your score). Your October and November score would be used for your Early Decision Applications. And the rest of the score would be used for Regular Decision Applications.

6. Anyway, don't think too much of your SAT Reasoning Test, focus on your SAT Subject Test (and do try to get 800 for all 3 subjects, or at least 750 for all 3 subjects) and then after that, do start your application essays early!

7. Would resit affect your score? If you want to play safe (and you have the time), then let the results be out first and then pay extra to send as Extra Report. You are only writing the names of universities to be sent results after your test. So, you have some indication of it. If you think you are doing well, then can send straight to the universities. If you are not confident, can send to some of the universities and the rest you use extra score report to resend.

8. If you have any question, feel free to contact me or post it here.

If you are applying to Cornell University as Early/Regular Decision, do contact me for the "Interview" session , or what we call Contact Meeting.

Do Provide the following Info and I will assign the timeslot:-

Early/Regular Decision:-
Full Name (As per the name submitted to Cornell):-
College in Cornell University Applied:-
Major (if any):-
Email Address:-
Mobile Phone:-
High School:-
Current College:-
(If you would be away from KL for any period of time between November and February, do list down the dates that you would be out of town and can't attend the session).

Good Luck!

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