Thursday, October 30, 2008

AISM Post SPM Scholarships 2009/2010

Thanks to Charis Loke who highlighted this scholarship to me.
Below is her write-up of the scholarship.
Hi Chen Chow,

It would be great if you could highlight this on your blog. This is about the AISM Post SPM Scholarships 2009/2010

for students who are doing their SPM this year (the school term starts next January)  and who, if selected, will do two years (Year 11 and 12) at the school from 2009 to 2010. It's the same one I was awarded this year, but I gave it up after 6 months to accept JPA PILN and go to INTEC. So did Sabrina before me. That's one of the scholarship's shortcomings - it doesn't really help people who want to do a university degree in science, because the only options for continuing the scholarship on to a 3+0 degree at Taylor's is for Business, Hospitality Management or Communication Studies.

As a past scholarship holder, I really would like to see people applying for this, because I felt it was one of the most important opportunities in my life, so much so that even in light of the shortcomings of the school (every school has them), I do not regret studying there. I met so many interesting and opinionated people, had inspiring teachers, discovered a passion for a subject I'd never thought I'd like, and experienced a whole different sort of education. That was probably the best thing about having the chance to be part of an international school community. I'd be more than happy to talk about my time there, as well as the application process (test, interview) to anyone who is genuinely interested and wants to find out more from a Malaysian student from a local secondary school's perspective.


Charis Loke

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