Monday, October 13, 2008

SEAMEO Internship Programme and Volunteers

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SEAMEO offers an internship program to a selected number of applicants pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies. We also welcome volunteers to assist us in pursuit of distinctive contributions to educational development. Volunteers are not required to be enrolled in a full-time study programme.


SEAMEO internship and volunteer programmes aim to enable graduate students or volunteers to participate in the work of SEAMEO and to enable them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of SEAMEO's goals, policies and activities. The Internship and Volunteer programmes are intended to:

  • provide a framework by which undergraduate and post-graduate students or volunteers from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to SEAMEO offices where their educational experiences could be enhanced through practical work assignments;
  • expose them to the work of the SEAMEO.


  • The intern should be a third or fourth-year College Student or a Postgraduate Student. 
  • The internship is a requirement according to the intern's current degree of study.
  • Good command of written and spoken English 
  • Adaptability to varied physical and other environments; a desire to work with and gain the confidence and respect of people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds  


  • The internship and volunteer assignment should not exceed six months with a minimum period of two months.
  • The intern/volunteer will receive a certificate from SEAMEO after satisfactory completion of the internship.
  • The intern/volunteer will submit a comprehensive internship report to SEAMEO based on an agreed work plan.
  • The intern and volunteers will not be paid, and as such, he/she will not be entitled to the privileges and immunities accorded to staff members of SEAMEO.
  • All expenses connected with the internship, such as travel costs, travel arrangements, and living accommodation, are the responsibility of the intern, volunteer or the sponsoring institution.
  • The intern/volunteer is responsible for obtaining any necessary visas. For internships of two to six months, a non-immigrant visa should be obtained.
  • The intern/volunteer undertakes to conduct himself/herself at all times in a manner compatible with his/her responsibilities as a participant in the SEAMEO Internship Programme.
  • The intern/volunteer must keep confidential any and all published information made known during the course of the internship and not publish any reports or papers on the basis of information obtained except with the authorization of the SEAMEO.
  • The intern/volunteer will provide written notice in case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances which might prevent him/her from fulfilling the internship.


Applicants who are interested in an internship or volunteer assignment at SEAMEO need to complete and submit the application form together with a covering letter and a passport-size photo to:

SEAMEO Secretariat
920 Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Bldg.,
Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
Tel +66 (0) 2391-0144
Fax +66 (0) 2381-2587
Email: secretariat (at)

Download the application form for internship.

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