Friday, October 10, 2008

Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) 2008 Ranking

I know that it is late, but this post is too exciting for me to put off to tomorrow!

Times Higher Education Supplement Ranking for 2008 is out today!!!

Bad News:-
None of the Malaysian universities are in Top 200 ranking.... sob sob... Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). I didn't see any of them in the Top 200 THES Ranking. (By the way, Thailand now has 1 university in Top 200 in Chulalongkorn University, which improved from 223rd to 166th)

Hopefully that our Malaysian universities do improve a bit in their rankings. (Anyone knows their actual ranking?)

Good News:-
My alma mater, Cornell moved from 20th Rank to 15th Rank. Congrats!!! :)

Some comparisons between 2007 and 2008 Ranking.

Caltech - 7th to 5th
University College London - 9th to 7th (I'll get to visit it on 29th March 2009 in UKEC Career Fair that would be exclusive sub organizer).
University of Pennsylvania - 14th to 11th
Cornell University - 20th to 15th (so far the best improvement!)
Stanford University - 19th to 17th (Cornell ranks higher than Stanford! Yay!)
University of Michigan - 38th to 18th (Huge jump!)
ETH Zurich - 42nd to 24th
Brown University - 32nd to 27th
UCLA - 41st to 30th
NUS - 33rd to 30th
Bristol - 37th to 32nd
HKUST - 53rd to 39th
NYU - 49th to 40th
University of Copenhagen - 93rd to 48th
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne - 117th to 50th
Washington University in St. Louis - 161st to 60th
Tokyo Institute of Technology - 90th to 61st
Emory University - 74th to 62nd
Utrecht University - 89th to 67th
University of Geneva - 105th to 68th
University of Alberta - 97th to 74th
Rice University - 92nd to 78th
University of Aarhus - 114th to 81st
Georgia Institute of Technology - 97th to 83rd
University of Minnesota - 142nd to 87th
Lund University - 106th to 88th
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 128th to 93rd
KAIST - 132nd to 95th
University of Virginia - 110th to 96th
University of California, Santa Barbara - 117th to 98th
University of North Carolina - 151st to 102nd
University of Southern California - 119th to 102nd
University of Zurich - 140th to 107th
University College Dublin - 177th to 108th
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology - 231st to 109th
Tel Aviv University - 151st to 114th
Erasmus University Rotterdam - 163rd to 126th
Stony Brook University - 224th to 127th
University of Groningen - 173rd to 144th
Shanghai Jiao Tong University - 163rd to 144th
National Autonomous University of Mexico - 192nd to 150th
Rutgers - 177th to 151st
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi - 307th to 154th
VU University Amsterdam - 304th to 155th
University of Lausanne - 217th to 161th
Chalmers University of Technology - 197th to 162nd
Chulalongkorn University - 223rd to 166th
University of Frankfurt Am Main - 209th to 169th
KTH Royal Institute of Technology - 192nd to 173rd
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - 269th to 174th
RPI - 191st to 174th
University of Cape Town - 200th to 179th
Lomonosov Moscow State University - 231st to 183rd
Brandeis University - 208th to 185th
University of Bern - 214th to 192nd
University of Buenos Aires - 264th to 197th
Dalhousie - 221st to 197th
University of Athens - 248th to 200th

Guess I shouldn't be analyzing too much into those which have dropped. Just a few example.
Princeton University - 6th to 12th (This ranking is too fluctuating. Can't see how Princeton's quality could drop like that).
McGill University - 12th to 20th
University of Hong Kong - 18th to 26th
University of California, Berkeley - 22nd to 36th
University of Melbourne - 27th to 38th
Peking University - 36th to 50th
Tsinghua University - 40th to 56th
University of Auckland - 50th to 65th
University of Warwick - 57th to 69th
University of Texas, Austin - 51st to 70th
University of Western Australia - 64th to 83rd
University of Nottingham - 70th to 86th
University of Pittsburgh - 77th to 97th
Purdue University - 77th to 99th
University of Southampton - 80th to 99th
Vanderbilt University - 82nd to 101st
University of Leeds - 80th to 104th
Penn State University - 90th to 105th
University of Adelaide - 62nd to 106th
Fudan University - 85th to 113th
University of Vienna - 85th to 115th
Queen's University - 88th to 117th
University of Rochester - 101st to 119th
University of Maryland - 79th to 122nd
National Taiwan University - 102nd to 124th
University of Waterloo - 112nd to 129th
University of Basel - 114th to 131st
University of Liverpool - 101st to 133rd
Texas A&M University - 122nd to 137th
Nanjing University - 125th to 143rd
Kyushu University - 136th to 158th
University of Western Ontario - 126th to 159th
Newcastle University - 129th to 162nd
Simon Fraser University - 139th to 164th
University of Florida - 135th to 165th
Indiana University Bloomington - 137th to 170th
University of Lancester - 147th to 170th
Hokkaido University - 151st to 174th
University of Colorado - 107th to 180th
Universit Libre de Bruxelles - 154th to 183rd
Stuttgart University - 165th to 190th
University of Massachusetts - 175th to 191st
University of Bologna - 173rd to 192nd
University of Sao Paulo - 175th to 196th

This has been a very long post. Universities from China seems to be dropping by quite a bit.

Do share with me what you thought. I know that ranking is just ranking and we need to look deeper into it.

For full details, again go to Times Higher Education Supplement (THES)

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george lim said...

Hey mate! It is such a coincidence I stumbled upon your blog! Ghee, I didn't know that you have a blog too... Well I'm glad that you are doing well in Malaysia now. Let's catch up some time shall we?

Cheers matey!

Capablanca said...

Found a new site for SAT prep. Guess you can share it with your readers.

Jian Wei Ang said...

Umich ROCKS!! HAHA!! Well one criteria screwed many unis up: "International Staff and Faculty". I can't believe my eyes when Umich is just one rank lower than Stanford and that we trashed Berkerly, Brown, Dartmouth. I guess it doesn't really reflect the reality over here.

And yea, if this criteria is still included, we're gonna have a hard time trying to be in top 200.

Jian Wei

PS: How are you doing??

Chen Chow said...

george lim, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, lets definitely catch up one day! :)

capablanca, thanks for the link.

Jian Wei, good that our unis are improving, so hopefully we would be there soon. :) I am fine, here. How's life there?

Anonymous said...

Jian Wei Ang,

That's probably because UMich is a research-oriented university, so it has an advantage at peer review, employer review, and citation/staff score. Dartmouth and Brown are more undergraduate/teaching/liberal arts focused, and Berkeley, I suspect, is not as all-rounded in academia is UMich is (that is, Berkeley specializes in a number of PhD programs but UMich is intensive on most).