Friday, October 10, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

Was reading through the blog of a friend of mine and suddenly I found my name there .

To be frank, I am very pleasantly surprised. Pei Chieng, it is definitely my pleasure to link you to a few of my friends. (Really appreciate the help of a number of my friends from various firms for always helping to connect my friends to the applications of their firms. Pei Chieng, they are the true hero to connect it and make it happen!) To be frank, you have all the credentials needed. Besides that, most importantly, you have fantastic personality, humility and hard work. You prepared very conscientiously every application that you sent to me for forwarding. The effort itself would have melt the hearts of many employers.

It is not just know who, but more importantly know what. Without your "Know What", there is no way for you to get so many call-ups, right?

The same goes with many of those who applied to US Universities. Not everyone that I gave advice would have made it. Not everyone that I thought would have made it, ended up made it. Some of you do, and most of you do work very hard for it and you have the credential.

To be frank, it is so nice to read this pleasant surprise from Pei Chieng . You have made my day! Thanks for the nice home cooked food too! Really appreciate it!

Am keeping my fingers crossed that I would soon hear from you the good news of you making it to your dream companies! I know you'll make it!!! All the best!!!

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