Monday, July 14, 2008

Sudoku Tournament

As you might have read from my earlier posts, I was in Singapore yesterday for Brand's Asia Pacific Sudoku Challenge.

It was definitely a great exposure, especially since it was my first time representing the country.

Although I know my standard is nowhere near the rest, I still trained as best as I could, and go with no high expectation. After all, the rest of participants are national representatives from China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

The competition was supposed to start at 3pm, with registration at 2pm. But with the delay in Singapore Open, it started close to 4pm.

During the first round, when it was a medium puzzle.. I fared badly. Those few camera screens showing around and seeing others finishing their puzzle much faster than I am, caused me to really feel panicked. In the end, I was the 43rd out of 49 people to submit.... Shame on me...

The 2nd round, it was a taxing puzzle... Should be tougher than the first one, since it is testing on skills, rather than speed. I managed to improve myself, although no where near the speed needed to reach the Top 15. I ended up being the 33rd to submit out of 49 people. Felt more at ease after this round.

Then, the 3rd round, it is about doing as many medium puzzles in 20 minutes... I was hoping to do at least 4, but ended up only able to do 3 puzzles, with the last one almost done. Othere were like doing 6 puzzles or so. So, there is still a long way to go for me... Ended up at 36th... :(

So, not really a good performance, but happy that I managed to end up at 36th position out of 49 national representatives.

Would aim to do much better next year, if I can still get the chance to represent.

To the 3 Malaysians who managed to get into Top 6 - Esther 3rd, Clarissa (hope I get her name right) 5th and Lim Fong 6th. Congrats! In the end, Phillipines was 1st, India 2nd and Singapore 4th.
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