Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Updates for Malaysia Sudoku Society

Dear Members,
With a substantial Sudoku population not only in this country but also in the world today, one would expect the puzzle to have worked its way as a theme into the comic strips that we see daily. But it appears to me that comic strip artists in general have not recognized the global phenomenon of Sudoku. Although I do not read every comic strip in every newspaper everyday, so far I have come across only one such example, in The Star, which I attach for your enjoyment. The humour behind this may not be immediately obvious to some, nevertheless I would like to draw your attention to the 26-clue Sudoku puzzle shown in it. Bearing in mind that this is a cartoon, do you think the artist simply put in some numbers in a 9x9 grid to make it look like a Sudoku puzzle, or do you think he actually took the trouble to feature a valid Sudoku puzzle with a unique solution? I am not sure; it is for you to find out!
Coming to my main subject, this email brings you a friendly reminder that we meet again for our monthly gathering this Saturday, 19th July 2008. We start our meeting at 3pm, but please come early (like 2:30pm), not just because the traffic may be unpredictable, but mostly so that we can get to chat a little before we start. The speaker could not make it, so I am standing in with a Sudoku clinic. What I intend to do is to let you have a chance to solve an actual diabolical puzzle from a previous World Sudoku Championship. You will see that at the world level what they solve is really not so terribly difficult. Come and let us join our heads together! If you are an advanced player, please come and share your special techniques. If you are an average player, you will likely pick up some useful tips. We should finish by 4:30pm.
The venue is as usual at the Society's office, at Suite 635 Block A2, Leisure Commerce Square, Bandar Sunway. As I have mentioned to you before, you may like to try out the KTM Komuter service, which is really convenient. Their Setia Jaya station is just next to Leisure Commerce Square. Save petrol, save parking charges, and you can even solve a Sudoku or two enroute to the meeting!
I would also like to mention that the Committee meets at 4:30pm after our gathering, for about an hour. You are most welcome to join the Commiitee Meeting as an observer, if you are not in a rush to go home.
See you Saturday for yet another round of Sudoku fun!
Best regard,
Lee Yee Dian
Malaysia Sudoku Society

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