Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 11th Annual Rainforest World Musical Festival

The 11th Annual Rainforest World Musical Festival continued to put Malaysia on world map.

Quoting The Star below.

KUCHING: Over 350 journalists are in town and musicians are jamming day and night, making their presence felt at the Sarawak Cultural Village, where the 11th annual Rainforest World Musical Festival (RWMF2008) kicked off to a promising start yesterday.

Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a surprise appearance at the first night of performances last night.

At the official launch on Thursday, State Tourism Minister Datuk Wong Soon Koh commended the RWMF2008 team led by Benedict Jimbau for a job well done.

Organised by the Sarawak Tourism Board and presented by Xpax Celcom for the first time, the festival features 17 bands, including four from Malaysia.

In conjunction with the festival, Kelabit outfit Kan’id launched its debut album.

The musical group of 13 cousins between 13 and 17, have drawn upon the cultural heritage of their Kelabit ancestors, and are keen on upholding tradition while adding modern touches to their music.

“This is just a faction of our rich musical heritage. It is the first album produced by our community and we are very proud of these children for taking up the challenge,” said Kelabit Association of Sarawak president Gerawat Gala.

Although the turnout at the Sarawak Cultural Village on Friday afternoon was a little disappointing, the organisers are looking forward to an exciting weekend, having sold more than 5,500 tickets for the three-day festival.

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