Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MCA Election - Against Menu

Last Sunday, Quek Ngee Meng gave me an opportunity to help out in his campaigning just before Bukit Bintang division delegate vote their precious delegate selection vote. I got a chance to see how people campaigning for party election.

Before I go further, do look at this campaign material and tell me whether Quek deserved to win one of the 2,000+ delegates in the MCA Election on 18th October 2008.

For Bukit Bintang, it is choosing 17 people as delegates to represent the division, and yet someone, like Quek, who have dedicated so many years of his life full time to MCA and Lifelong Learning and yet he is not selected. He is serving as Acting Director of Lifelong Learning for a few years, and yet those members are not recognizing it.

It is wierd, but as Ah Kam pointed out, it is the menu list that people voted "brainlessly" that caused Quek to lose out. It is sad that those MCA members who should be able to use their brain to vote, but yet decide to vote en bloc, and in the end Quek only got 99 votes.

Quek did manage to get a few times more votes, compared to the other 2 independent candidates in the division, but yet it is still short of 20+ votes to get the delegate ticket.

Quek, sorry to see this happen. Definitely see what you have done for MCA, Lifelong Learning and community, and I definitely admire your ability. It is very sad that the delegates are not willing to put the benefit of party as the main agenda.

Keep up your good work! Will definitely support you! Thanks for the opportunities for me to be there to observe and help out a little. Sorry that I was unable to swing more votes to you.

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Anonymous said...

Quek Ngee Meng may be up there doing full time as LIfelong learning. He is just a freshie in Bukit Bintang to the members there.

VKIN said...

It seems in time to come you'll be part of the whole political world too. Good luck!