Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Saturday - 26th July

Was at Central Market this afternoon with 4 friends from the odd one out...1 of them came from Myanmar (Myat) and 1 from US-China (Kelly) (originally from China and has been in US for many years) and 2 more Malaysians (Wun Min and Tian Jing)...

At Central Market, they were shopping at a stall, where Anuar Dan produced very interesting art work. Here is the link to his art works.

After that, we had tea at Malay Tea House there (my favourite tea place, although I preferred their branch at FRIM.) One of the tea that we tasted was similar to tomyam taste, although it looked like normal tea.

Just now, 6 of us (Ming Loong, Joe, Hui Hsing, Wun Min, Yang Li and myself) went to Sri Damansara to have crab at Tan Fok Restaurant. It is interesting, where 1kg of crab costs around RM18 to RM20. Very tasty and cheap. We had 3kg of crabs with 3 different cooking style. The price for fried rice is a little overboard though. RM24 for fried rice...hahaha...

Next time, we should only order crab.

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Kelly said...

Nice, you actually did blog about the store! I enjoyed reading your blog. ^_^

Chen Chow said...

thanks a lot, Kelly.

Sorry that I made mistake. I put you live in KL...instead of US...hahaha...

I add your name too....hahaha. :)