Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Public Speaking and Media Relations

Last weekend, thanks to Lifelong Learning , I get the chance to go for 2-day training camp by The Voice Academy .

It was seminar on Public Speaking and Media Relations.

It is great that the instructor shared with us many tips on that, from how to conduct press conference, how to handle podium, how to speak, intonation, voice control, body language, the needs by those reporters, how to face tv screen etc. It was definitely interesting and great learning!

Some of the key learnings.
1. 55% of the Golden ratio of public speaking is actually body language, with 38% on intonation and only 7% on the content! Yet, we need the content to speak..

2. Major skills in presentation - stressing point, where to stop, intonation, rhythm and who is the audience.

3. Main things that public speaker should avoid - fabricate content/avoid questions, hide from reporters, don't dare to say "I don't know", do not be too friend with reporters, do not be against reporters, do not say "I can't tell you", do not try to control reporters, do not ask reporters for source of news, do not memorize texts.

Hopefully, these would be good teasers to begin with. :) To know more, go and take the lessons lor... hahaha...
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