Friday, November 02, 2007

What happens to me?

Nothing really special happens... I am not disappearing from the world.. Just that my working life has been very hectic. Haven't had much chance to rest. Been working quite long hours. Great that the presentation yesterday went on very well. That gave me quite a lot of confidence booster, although it is still a long way to go, in boosting up my credentials. Really thanks to my Project Manager, Dharmen, as well as Rizal and Jo Lynn! It is definitely a team effort!

Life would hopefully be back to normal soon....I am definitely keeping fingers' crossed...

Nevertheless, the past couple of weeks, have been great learning experience. Things were really swarmed and pressure/stress was very high, but I do learn a lot!

What else happens lately?

At least 3 of Discover committee, Sharon, Chuin Siang and Sutha got into University of Michigan for Winter Session. Congrats! Thanks for informing too! Am happy for you guys. Hope that you guys would make full use of the opportunities. Sharon, definitely hope that you would make it to my alma mater too! Am looking forward to see more Malaysians making it to Cornell! A very nice university!

Poh Yi managed to ace BCG interview and she would be going to the final round! Good Luck!

On global note, oil prices cross USD96 and gold prices cross USD800. I own neither of them. So, nothing to gain.

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