Friday, November 16, 2007

General Election

Sin Chew Jit Poh predicted that General Election would happen any time from January 2008. Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya is said to be ready for election in 1.5 months, which would mean end of December.

So, have you registered yourself as a voter? You should definitely get yourself registered. If you register before December 31st this year, you would get to vote, if election falls after 1st April 2008. So, do definitely do so! It is part of your rights as a Malaysian. Be a responsible citizen!

On this upcoming General Election, how would the vote swing? Would Barisan Nasional be able to maintain their 90% majority seat? Would opposition be good enough to deny 2/3 majority of Barisan Nasional? I personally would still think that BN would be able to win this election quite convincingly. Perhaps might not be hitting the all-time-high of 90% of seats, but I am quite confident that with all the track record that BN has produced, it should be able to win at least 80% of seats.

For all state elections, BN should be able to breeze through, perhaps with intense competition in Kelantan.

How would the election manifesto for both BN and opposition be?

Lets wait for the election!


Anonymous said...

Chen Chow,

While I believe that you will make a good leader with your kindness, passion and friendliness, I am a bit disappointed that you have chosen to willfully ignore the biggest issues at the moment and talk about smaller issues which aren't directly a slap in the face of current government.

For example, you talked about THES, Mustapa's response to THES, civil service, English language in science and maths etc, and I applaud you for talking about those topics. However, you have chosen not to comment at all about the judiciary scandal, BERSIH rally etc, and for that I think you are consciously avoiding the topics which might directly offend the government.

"I am quite confident that with all the track record that BN has produced, it should be able to win at least 80% of seats."

If by track record you mean that of gerrymandering and media control, then I am pretty confident too. Or track record of rural people not having the exposure to the inadequacies of the government. However, if track record refers to their actual performance in economy, anti corruption and upholding judiciary's integrity, then this statement is both sad and laughable reflection on Malaysia's fate for a long time.

While I agree that opposition still lacks the calibre and a full-fledged policy to lead the country, and would not be better if it suddenly becomes the leader; I believe that it would be better for the country if they receive more than 20% seats for a better check and balance.

A fellow ReCommer

Anonymous said...


dude, it's his blog. he will blog whatever that is of interest to him..

anyways, although you won't need my approval.. but your blog is fine with me just the way it is.. just go ahead.. :)


Anonymous said...

Ave, that was precisely my point. He blogged everything of interest, and he conspicuously avoided all the major issues, or glossed them over. That was my gripe.

I am in no way telling Chen Chow what to write or what to think. I fully understand that everyone has the right to say whatever they like.

The ranting above was just saying how I am disappointed with Chen Chow's lack of criticism where criticism is called for; and my bewilderment at seeing statement like "BN should win the election comfortably with their track record".

I respect everyone's opinion, and would look forward to Chen Chow's opinions on every issue too, even those that I disagree with.

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it!

I would say that I choose to blog on issues that I care about and I know best. There is no way for me to know much on every issue and I am sure everyone has their own passion and interest.

This is especially since it is my personal blog, I choose to highlight on issues, like education etc that I personally feel strongly about.

While it is not that I am not aware of other issues happening around, but I just don't have the interest, knowledge and passion to further discuss on those issues. There are sufficient blogs that cover those issues.

While one might argue that I purposely choose not to highlight certain things, but to me, I write what I feel strongly and what is in my mind. I take blogging as a way for me to relax my mind and share my thoughts.

I am writing this blog, not to seek everyone's confirmation or support of what I think. But it is a reflection of what I think.

I agree that it is not a wholesome and all-issue blog. It is not meant to be. I am just a normal citizen, who feels strongly on some issues, especially on education and perhaps up to a certain extent on economy. That's my passion, so a lot of my blog posts are on it.

On judiciary, I don't have the required knowledge for me to judge which is right and which is wrong. The mainstream media and a lot of blogs, each has their own agenda. And as a commoner, I choose not to focus on this issue. There is no point for me to be "compelled" to write on issues that I don't have passion on.

Hope this clears the air. My blog is a way for me to share what I care about. I know I am repeating, but that's my main point.

Do feel free to disagree on anything I say. And I do agree that saying that BN would win 80% based on track record is a vague statement. It is just written based on my personal feel. There is no statistical proof or whatsoever. It is just based on my judgment on what I understand on the current situation.

I rest my case. Thanks for reading my blog! I welcome all comments, be it agreeing with any issue I highlight or disagree with what I highlight. Do continue to write your comments on any issue.