Friday, November 30, 2007

Recent Demonstrations

Recently, our country, or at least, Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, has been plagued by several demonstrations. Is this healthy? What would this impact our country? Should we support these demonstrations? Do we, as common Malaysians believe in these demonstrations? Would these bring effects? Would this build harmony among Malaysians or create tension?

I am posing tons of questions for everyone to ponder. For me, I would like to choose the middle ground.

Being a common civilian, I definitely hope for a peaceful country, which means that I hope that there won't be any demonstration, which would affect people's life. KLCC and Ampang Park LRT has to be closed for several hours last Sunday due to Hindraf's demonstrations. There were lots of road blocks that caused a lot of discomfort to commoners.

Some might argue that those pre-emptive actions by government is not necessary. For me, I would say that a certain level of pre-emption should be carried out, but may be not at the extent that is being carried out today. Train stations could still be opened, and business goes on. Those who are involved in demonstrations should practice restraint and not resort to violence. I know majority are not violent, but these kind of activities are very prone to fights or tensions. We just need some very few people to cause that to happen.

On the demands or the reasons that cause the demonstrations, I would say that while it is good that we need to have those minority voices to be heard, I would prefer more suitable ways of handing over memorandum or ways to spread awareness. Being from Eastern culture, negotiation could be a better way. Engagement with our leaders, could be a way to solve the problems. While those demonstrators' hope is to bring attention to the problems, such action might affect our tourism significantly.

What is the middle point? What should we do in the long run?

Above just my two cents.

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