Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Health Concern

Health is important. Important is an understatement. I know that I should be taking more good care of my health. It has been a yo-yo health all these while, and I don't want myself regret years later, when my body cannot take it anymore.

Had some breathing difficulty this afternoon, after being on workload stress for the past few weeks. Have been trying my best to juggle it, but guess I fail to control my stress well.

Don't worry. Am fine. The doctor checked and find that my blood pressure is very high at 160-100. And my heart beat is very fast too. After a long rest this afternoon, I think I am getting a little better.

Thanks for everyone's concern. Thanks to Ewan, OT, Yong Chao for sending me to clinics and all the others' well wishes.

Happy Deepavali!

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