Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last Sunday, went to attend a talk by Mr. Quek Ngee Meng , who is a lawyer, as well as the Acting Director of Lifelong Learning .

The session definitely opened my eyes on various aspects of constitution. I won't dare to say that I am an expert of constitution now. I am definitely far from it. But the session definitely boosted my basic knowledge of it.

He went through the various processes that went through, before constitution was made. The process of Reid Commission, as well as the various memorandum submitted by various groups in Malaysia. He shared the couple delegations to London and also the process of negotiating the constitution - mother of all law in Malaysia.

He shared with us on other pertinent issues like citizenship, special positions for Malays and bumiputera (in constitutions, the actual words used is special positions and not special rights), language and religion.

It is refreshing to know a little background of constitution. It is definitely my hope that every citizen of Malaysia should pick up constitution and try their best to learn as much as possible. It should also be part of our national curriculum too!

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