Saturday, November 17, 2007

iZZi Wireless Internet Coverage

I have been subscribed to iZZi wireless internet since a few months ago, and I have to really say that I am very disappointed about the internet services. It really sucks, especially in terms of uploading. It took me almost an hour to upload my last comment in my blog.

The moment I wrote more than 1-2 paragraphs, it just takes forever to load and then fail. This is definitely disappointing. The promise of iZZi to have a coverage of 1 Mbps, is definitely no where in sight and even though they promise of 128kbps for upload, often, I am talking about 10-20 kbps and mostly failed.

It has been frustrating. This is just to give me an avenue to comment on the internet. Malaysia, as we are growing fast, really need to ensure that we can supply fast internet. It really means a lot towards the productivity. Like just now, the 1 hour wasted, and I am talking about just to send a comment to my blog, is definitely not worthwhile. Why can't internet service be much much better, be it Streamyx, 3G, or other wireless or the upcoming WiMax. Really hope that we would have some solutions that would really solve this problem.

As a consumer, I am very disappointed with internet coverage by iZZi. It stated that the base station at KL Sentral would be ready by mid August, and it is November now and they have been moving the deadline from time to time.


Exquisite said...

Thanks for your blog. Now I am convinced not to try iZZi. I don't want to go through the same horrible experience I had when I tried maxis.

Last week I went to Low Yat and I wanted to give a try to iZZi. I asked the guy whether I could try the iZZi connection there and to my surprise they told me that the signal inside Low Yat is so weak. What is this? They advertised that anyone can surf anywhere... or is it anywhere outside the building? Thanks anyway.

Chen Chow said...

Yeah, their connection is sucky indoor. Am quite disappointed with it.

Their connection is quite good, if we are outside the building. :)