Friday, November 16, 2007

Chinese in Civil Service in Malaysia

As we all know, the proportion of Chinese in Malaysian Civil Service has been dropping from year to year and this is definitely a cause of concern. The % of Chinese among all civil service applicants is just a mere 1.78% (8,662 Chinese applicants out of 486,802 total Malaysian applicants), when Chinese constitute about 25% of Malaysian population. While total Chinese who get accepted constitute close to 18.66% (641 out of 3,435) There is definitely something that needs to be done, to rectify this error.

Today, YB Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, MCA President has announced of 5 measurements to encourage Malaysian Chinese to join Civil Service.

1. There will be much greater publicity on civil service recruitment through Chinese and Tamil media, be it newspaper, tv etc.

2. Annual requirement of civil servant through

3. Absorption of JPA scholars into civil service

4. Increase number of JPA scholarships, especially for those studying at IPTAs.

5. Greater publicity of joining civil service through roadshows at various institutions of higher learning.

This is definitely a welcoming step. It would go a long way to ensure that our civil service is balanced.

To all Malaysian Chinese youth out there who is contemplating joining civil service, do give it a shot!

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