Sunday, November 25, 2007

David & Er Fei's Wedding!

Congratulations to David Chuah and Quah Er Fei for their wedding yesterday. They have definitely decorated their wedding ceremony very interestingly, with garden setting. My first wedding in a garden. They put in a lot of efforts in making the decorations look very striking in their wedding ceremony! They imported the flowers from Singapore, with a bouquet each for each table. With wine on each table, as well as bottomless drink, from plain water, soft drink, orange juice, beer, wine to hard liquor. Everything is complete. They even put a bunch of grapes on each table. We even wondered whether it was real and it was real!

The ceremony attracted guests from far and near, with some even from Canada and Australia. That just shows how wide range their friends are. It is a wedding of 2 Accenturians, attended by Beng Choon (Country Managing Director) and many other partners, senior managers, managers, consultants and analysts. It is a gathering of Accenturians!

They did some powerpoint slides, in full Accenture spirits and they found each other within the firm as well.

Instead of the usual numbers on the tables, they name each tables by wine or aeroplanes. That is definitely unique and can see people going around looking for their wine/aeroplane names.

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