Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scholarships for the needy

Thanks to my loyal anonymous blog reader for highlighting this.

Kook Yew Yin is offering RM1 Million worth of scholarships. Details are below:-



Scholarships for the needy

I wish to offer scholarships to 50 poor students for the next academic year to study finance and accountancy in University TAR, Kampar, Perak on the following conditions:-

1. Each student's family income should not be more than Rm 2,000 per month.
2. Students will be selected more on the basis of their financial need and not merely on their academic achievement.
3. Each scholarship is worth Rm 20,000 which should be enough for each student to cover the cost for the first year foundation course and the first semester of the degree course in finance and accountancy until he or she secures the PTPTN loan. This Government loan is given to all students irrespective of race and financial position who are doing a recognised degree course.

4. Students who receive my financial aid do not require to pay back the money or work for me after they graduate. But I want them to promise me that they will help other poor students when they have graduated and are financially solvent.

UTAR takes in students in January and June every year. Students who are currently doing SPM can submit their applications to U TAR this October with their forecast results to start in January 2010.

Needy students who are currently doing SPM or have passed the SPM can submit their applications to me:

Koon Yew Yin,
yewyin AT gmail DOT com
27, Lengkok Harimau,
31400, Ipoh, Perak


Krista said...

HI Chen Chow, Thanks. I feel truly proud that Mr Koon is doing this and even though I don't know him, I will help him tweet and blog this! What he is doing is really fantastic. I know that if more people are this generous, there is hope for all of us.

Nancy said...

I echo Krista's comments: " If more people can be like Mr. Koon- we truly have hope " and it seems hope is within reach as I discover that there are generous people out there though different people give for different cause. Some for education, some for needy sick patients however inevitably some for recognition. So, Mr. Koon God Bless you!

Chen Chow said...

Definitely wish for more Malaysians will be able to help others willingly!